Hindrances to productivity

Recently I’ve had to help a friend take care of their cats while they were away (“cat-sitting”). This experience has allowed me to understand the many memes from the internet about a cat getting in the way of daily life.

“Don’t worry, my cats are just like dogs”

-my friend as they left

The very first day, the cats were weary of my apartment, but quickly started exploring my humble abode. They didn’t seem like much, just sitting and laying in certain spots. I followed the instructions my friend gave me and had food and water out

Every time I would sit down in front of my computer to do some coding, there will be a sudden cat on my desk blocking my monitor or keyboard within 10 minutes. Move them aside, and they reappear. My personal project took a huge dive in progress due to these feline interruptions.

In the past, I have only had to take care of dogs, but this was a different experience. Unlike canines, the cats would take their time with their food. Nibbling on a little bit here and there, while dogs would usually just eat their fill until the next meal.

For a few mornings, I would wake up to some furry entities crawling around my bed, informing me that it was breakfast time. On some nights, I would endure some loud cat calls that spookily sounded similar to a child crying (I guess it is Halloween month).

All in all, these pets would be in my care for only a few more days. I don’t know if I will miss them, but at least I will be able to do some coding in some peace soon. Also will have to do some cleaning with all the cat hair left over. Perhaps I can use this experience to fuel an idea for a future coding project (some sort of cat-sitting app maybe?).

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