There and back again

An Intro

Growing up, I was always interested in computers. The first video games I played were on the computer. The internet was increasing in popularity, and it only became more mystical after my family switched from dial-up to high speed internet.

After graduating with my first degree in Pharmacy, I proceeded to work full-time in a retail pharmacy. But I still dabbled with programming and code as a hobby. Nothing complex, just simple HTML and CSS. It was a few years before I decided that I would rather have a career in a field I actually am interested in: creating things that can make people’s lives better.

A New Journey

It was a new beginning as I enrolled into the OSU post-bacc computer science program. I decided to go all in to chasing a new career. It was difficult at first, as I was learning topics on things that I had no concept of at first. Code syntax, algorithms, and even simple calculus and algebra were subjects that were new or I haven’t used in a long time (probably since freshman year of college).

As tough as it was, it was the second semester where I felt a sense of achievement. The final project of coding a board game in Python felt very satisfying. After that, I knew that this is what I wanted to do

Now here we are

Now as I come close to the end of the curriculum, I feel a mix of emotions. Apprehension in what comes next. I am feeling nervous if I will be able to land a job. And if I do, will I do well? I do feel confidence in my ability to adapt. After 2 years of learning and improving my knowledge in computer science, I know that I can learn what I need to learn. I also feel happiness in knowing that I will be able to complete my second degree in a completely different field

All in all, it was a journey and my second time experiencing these feelings. The same emotions I had as I was about to finish my first degree. I have a good feeling that this time will be better.