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Blog Post #3 – The Journey

  May 4th, 2023

Well hello there readers! Nice to greet you again. We’re about halfway through the course and halfway through our project. My partner is killing it with his Tableau experience and has already delivered a dashboard that our client has stated is good enough to call our project. 😂 But nevertheless, we soldier on to do even better!

Our team is using Discord to chat, Zoom to meet with our sponsor, and Trello to track our progress and so far this all seems to be working out well. We’ve dealt with some technical difficulties on calls from week to week, but overall seem to be communicating well and getting the work done. The project management tool we chose was trello because it is free and easy to use, but in my opinion it is lacking in one way. The free version does not allow us to see a timeline of our tasks and I would really prefer to have that visualization.

I think our team is following our standards and project plan pretty well and jiving overall. My part of the project is to improve the loading times of the queries that feed the dashboard visualizations… I think that if the methods I am attempting work as well as my research shows, we should see success on all aspects of our project. The only issue we are running into is difficulty getting into the SQL database and loading things on my current device. But this is merely slowing me down, I do not think it is a showstopper.

Stay tuned for the next (and final !!) post in the series as we make our way to program completion.

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