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Round 2 – Post #1

  April 4th, 2023

Hello again! Last quarter I started out with this course, but realized (just in time) that it was my last chance to take Mobile Software Development and switched courses in the first week. Now I have all my core classes and electives out of the way and will be devoting this quarter to the capstone project entirely.

So, without further ado, welcome to my Capstone blog round two! To explain why I chose Computer Science as my second degree, let’s talk a bit about my history. My first bachelor’s is in Operations Management and that led me to the world of supplier development, change management, and more recently product data management (all within automotive industry). I learned pretty quickly on that while I do like operations, I much prefer the technical side of data management and chose CS as my route to that technical world.

The projects I chose on the survey were all related to my personal interests of environmental issues and/or travel to help motivate me to do my best possible work on the project. I then tried to prioritize based on my skills that I have and want to develop. So the Tableau Climate Data project came first where I hope to build my SQL, database management, and data visualization skills even more. The next few projects I chose intersect environment and mobile applications.

From my project, I hope to experience delivering a complex project from start to finish. This should help me to grow in whichever technology project I am assigned (database, mobile app, both). From this course, I hope to continue my experience path in working on a team to complete a computer science project from start to finish.

From a group-work perspective, I tend to see myself mostly as a planner/organizer. I will step up to lead if necessary, but I am always happy to be a contributor without leading as well. Before completing this program, I generally dreaded group projects as there always seemed to be at least one member that did not pull their weight… But so far at OSU, I have had a very refreshing group work experience in all of my classes. So I expect this trend to continue and look forward to working with my team over the next 10 weeks.

Well then, it’s nice to meet you! And I look forward to completing this journey with you over the next three months. Talk to you next time!

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