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Morgan Kandula


  January 9th, 2023

Hello! My name is Morgan and I am two electives and this capstone away from getting my Computer Science bachelor’s degree. My first degree is in business with a focus on Operation Management and International Business. But after entering the workforce as a Supplier Development Engineer, I quickly realized that programming and data management were where my interests and some talent lie hidden.

I started this program at OSU in the fall of 2019, taking 1 or two classes at a time with a few breaks as I transitioned jobs and am very happy to be nearing the end of this journey so that I can move on to the next one! I’m now a data analyst for a consultancy firm and hoping to be in the new division of programmers when it develops here in the US. I’m passionate about mother Earth, love to travel, experience new places, and eat delicious food when I am not working or programming.

So, let’s see where this new journey takes us! I’ll be posting updates on my capstone project here for all to see and hopefully learn from.

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