Writing Exercise #5

Personally I am a huge fan of eating sushi and sashimi, especially tuna and salmon. I know that it is better to spend more on quality sushi to ensure that the fish is sushi grade and sanitary or else there may be a bunch of parasites from the ocean inside my body. Some ways to take caution involve eating ginger with any raw fish to not only refresh the taste of the sushi between different types of fishes but ginger also has strong anti-bacterial properties which would fight parasites in the fish, if there are still any. If one chose to not eat ginger with their raw sushi, some new parasites could come in and reproduce, causing stomach problems such as pain and diarrheas and even food poisoning. Another thing that I have picked up on doing is trying to clean off the lid to a soda can with a wipe because there is a lot of bacteria on the lid from the factory and transportation. Some non intentional things I do that impact my microbial communities is sneezing into my hands. If my hands are not clean and I bring it to my mouth to cover my sneeze, some bacteria can go from my hand to my mouth in that exchange and those could also possibly get me sick. I think it is important to constantly be aware of different ways that bacteria can get into your body especially if you know your immune system is weaker.

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