Writing Exercise #4

(1) In their primary research article entitled “How much will it hurt? HPV vaccine side effects and influence on completion of the three-dose regimen” (2009), Paul Reiter, Noel Brewer, Sami Gottlieb, Annie-Laurie McRee, and Jennifer Smith assert that the HPV vaccine has no long lasting side effects and that it is perfectly safe for young girls to become vaccinated against HPV. (2) Reiter et al. provides evidence that there was no pain in most cases hours and days after the vaccine was injected and that there were mostly cases of mild and moderate pain at the time of injection. (3) The purpose of this research is to demonstrate no danger in receiving the HPV vaccine and that there are only health benefits being vaccinated. (4) Reiter et al. intends to parents who have not taken much science outside of high-school the intended result of allowing their children to get vaccinated for HPV.

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