About Me

Howdy! My name is James, and I’m a designer with a passion for making things. Not just digital designs, but physical tangible things. From model atoms to roller coasters to board games, my happy place is a maker space with a woodshop, a laser cutter, and a 3d printer. In fact, I began my career in design from such a space, learning how to use adobe illustrator initially just to create CAD files for a laser engraver!

My dream job would be to take my design knowledge and my maker training and apply them in the field of children’s prosthetics, pairing with a bioengineering team to design prosthetics that do not make the wearer feel self-conscious, but rather empowered, like the “Iron Man Arm” project that was based out of the University of Central Florida.

Outside of that, I spend my free time designing content overlays and animating content for content creators on youtube and twitch, and helping people grow their audiences online through visual identity.

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