Writing Exercise # 5

My thoughts about Dr. Mullis’ experience, is that he had a eureka moment that contributed to the discovery of PCR. Whatever your personal beliefs or convictions, I like to call these moments, “God thoughts.” I believe there is a God that designed each human with the capacity to solve at least one problem on Earth. Each of us was born at a specific time, place, and era to contribute to solving a problem on Earth that the world is currently facing. These life-altering thoughts seem to appear as “shower thoughts” or dreams for some people. But for most, these eureka moments seem to occur when we quiet our thoughts and give God the opportunity to speak. In my opinion, this was the experience for Kary Mullis during his 2.5-hour drive along highway 128. Most of his thinking occurred during this time.

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Molecular biology is more accessible to me because of this technique. I, like many of my lab-mates, are able to perform PCR techniques in the lab.

My perception of science is not altered after seeing it comes from real people simply because of my faith. It is my beleif that everything about science is an extension of God and because God created humans, He put that desire to problem solve inside of a man. Reading about Kary Mullis’ experience makes me consider if I too am spending enough quiet time with my thoughts to hear and experience life-altering eureka moments.

When was your most recent eureka moment and what world problem could you be solving if you follow through with that thought?

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