Writing exercise 3

If you aren’t a shopaholic, someone you know is! I’m going to bet you or someone you know very well, have an intimate relationship with Amazon Prime. I most certainly do. 🙈

Amazon offers thousands of products for consumers like, yourself however, it can be impossible to know which product to buy! After all, you did wait an entire 48 hours to receive your last item and you DON’T have any precious hours to waste. To ensure this does not happen, you decide to scroll your little fingers to the bottom of the product page to find reviews.


Reviewed products can ensure that the product is valid, listed as described and great quality. The peer review process is quite similar.

In a nutshell, peer review is a quality control process where scholarly work is scrutinized by experts in the same field for the purpose of publication. Articles that are peer review convey a level of trust to the audience. The pros of having an article peer reviewed can ensure the work is:

  • Valid
  • Original
  • High Quality

On the other hand, having an article peer reviewed can be expensive, tedious, cause lengthy delays in research finding and places considerable demands on the academic community considering, the person performing the review because there isn’t any payment associated with reviewing an article.


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