Post #1 – Decisions… (cat pic included)

Pretty exciting to finally be nearing the end of this journey at OSU. The amount I’ve learned over the past 2-years is hard to believe.

I’m really impressed with the variety of projects that the instructors have picked out. I’m even more impressed to see quite a few industry sponsors that will give students the opportunity to develop an application with real-life customers. It took quite a while to browse through each project and pick my top 6. If I’m able to land any of those 6, I think I’ll be satisfied.

The main struggle I had with choosing projects was about how far out of my comfort zone I’m willing to go. There were many projects listed that I have no idea how to implement. Yet, there were also projects that I think I’d be very comfortable implementing. With only 10 weeks left and a full-time job, I don’t want to have to spend the majority of my time learning a new technology and leave little time for actually implementing the project. On the other hand, I want to make sure I’m actually learning something new. As a result, I picked projects that seemed like just enough of a stretch such that I would be able to balance my learning time with my implementation time.

My number one choice is a project with an industry sponsor. Luckily, my current skillset seems to fit what they’re looking for. Fingers crossed. Stay tuned for the next post where I’ll be discussing which project I landed.

Bonus photo of my cat to lighten things up:

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