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  • Post #4 – Reflecting on Favorite Classes

    For my final blog post, I want to reflect on my journey through OSU’s online CS program and talk about some of my favorite classes. My number one favorite class in the program would have to be CS 493 – Mobile Development. It wasn’t necessarily the course content that I enjoyed the most, which isn’t […]

  • Post #3 – Importance of Sleep

    I figured I’d go a little off topic today compared to my past posts and talk about my experience with sleep and coding. I’m working on building a small, but relatively complex, website at my current job. The goal is to develop an internal tool that specific teams will use to plan work. Throughout this […]

  • Post #2 – Big Changes Since Last Post

    Wow, lot’s has happened with the project since my first post. First, I found a group to join to work on the Jam Session project. We originally thought we’d have more than just two group members, but we weren’t assigned any others, so it’s just us two. While this may seem like a hinderance, I […]

  • Post #1 – Decisions… (cat pic included)

    Pretty exciting to finally be nearing the end of this journey at OSU. The amount I’ve learned over the past 2-years is hard to believe. I’m really impressed with the variety of projects that the instructors have picked out. I’m even more impressed to see quite a few industry sponsors that will give students the […]

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!