General Human Nutrition (NUTR 225) in a nutshell

General Human Nutrition (NUTR 225) is a 3-credit course designed for non-nutrition majors. NUTR 225 addresses the relationship of food and nutrients to the promotion of health and fitness across the lifespan, with emphasis on the young adult. Current issues in food and nutrition (e.g., fad diets, food safety, food security, dietary supplements) are also examined. Current enrollment in the in-seat course is 114 students. The course is open to all students, and is required for some CPHHS majors as well as students in some nursing and dental hygiene programs. The majority of students who take this course have very little, if any, science background. They are generally very interested in learning about nutrition and health from a consumer perspective.

The in-seat course currently meets in the classroom on a T/Th schedule. My plan is for the hybrid course to meet in the classroom on Th only. Classroom and online meeting times will be used for the following activities:

Classroom time is for:
1. Providing an overview of major and minor concepts, and how they fit together
2. Explaining difficult concepts
3. Expanding on the textbook to include newer and more advanced information on current issues
4. Participating in group activities
5. Taking exams
6. Asking and answering questions

Online time is for:
1. Completing modules that will prepare students for in-class meetings, including readings and videos
2. Taking pre-class quizzes to assess learning and to inform the instructor on which topics are most difficult
3. Engaging in peer discussions related to course topics
4. Completing the course project, including peer review
5. Participating in group activities
6. Asking and answering questions

Online and classroom experiences will be linked in a variety of ways. Specifically, the online activities will help students prepare for class by completing readings, video lectures, and quizzes prior to class meetings. Class time can then be used to focus on difficult concepts and to expand on current issues in nutrition. Students will have opportunities to interact with one another and with the instructor via discussions that will take place both online and in the classroom, for example. Students will also complete a course project, which will be primarily completed online with requirements for peer review that will take place online and face-to-face during class time. As I continue to develop this course, my goal is to incorporate more experiential learning opportunities, in and out of the classroom.

I am looking very forward to offering the hybrid version of NUTR 225, and to seeing how it evolves over time. I believe the students will greatly enjoy the hybrid course delivery!

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  1. reynolry says:

    Very nice description of the hybrid course, and the image is an adorable communication of the importance of nutrition for a future young adult!

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