Avoiding the “Sage on the Stage”

How does your class add value to the wealth of free online content available to students?  I believe this is a central question to creating any successful class, but especially for hybrid courses when a large portion of content delivery is online.  There are three ways I will try to address this question with the environmental materials for H513.  First is determining the key content and learning objectives for what MPH students need to know to be successful public health practitioner. This is not an easy task given the breadth of the field and the rapid pace of change. Second is connecting existing and new resources to these learning objectives that promote problem-based learning through weekly case-studies, as well as other online activities that connect concepts to current environment health issues. Advise welcome here! Finally, I would like to integrate experiential learning components (e.g. where students would be given inexpensive air pollution monitors to capture/understand local pollution sources) but I am still unsure how to best fit this into a hybrid format.  Advise welcome!

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