Redesigning MGMT 455 (Influence and Negotiation) as a hybrid course

Hello everyone,

I am redesigning MGMT 455 (Influence and Negotiation) as a hybrid course that meets once per week. Enrollment will be capped at 45 students. Most students will be College of Business, Management Major Seniors.

The overarching goal of this course is for students to learn about the psychology of influence and persuasion and be able to skillfully apply this body of research to negotiations in organizational contexts to solve problems and get things done collaboratively.

This course is organized around a series of experiential negotiation roleplays (one roleplay per module) that all students to apply course materials and develop/test their skills and knowledge by negotiating with their peers.

  • Students begin by completing required readings and online video lectures (including online quizzes).
  • Students then prepare for the negotiation roleplay online by writing a roleplay preparation paper in which they apply module readings and videos to prepare for the in-class roleplay negotiation activity.
  • In class, students share their individual roleplay preparation papers, compare their approaches and understanding of module materials (first in small groups, then with the instructor and class as a whole)
  • Next, students actually negotiate the roleplay with other students (who have the opposite role) and observe other pairs negotiate.
  • Once everyone has a chance to negotiate the roleplay (and observe other students negotiate) we debrief the roleplay in small groups and as a whole class focusing on understanding of course materials and emerging negotiation and influence skills
  • The cycle ends with students writing a debrief paper in which they apply course materials and assess their own skills and understanding as well as those of peers they interacted with.

This cycle repeats 5 times (via 5, two week modules) and is capped with a final exam and paper.

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