BA215 Hybrid Development

I am developing BA215, Fundamentals of Accounting, to be ready to deliver as a hybrid in the Fall of 2017.

This class is a survey course of accounting for non-business majors. It is required of Business minors, and required or is an elective for several other majors. Of course, I think that EVERYONE should take it as it gives a good overview of financial statements and techniques to use in managing a business. And, as I tell the students, you also won’t feel stupid at cocktail parties. 🙂 Average enrollment is ~650 per academic year, including summer and Ecampus sections.

Since I re-developed the Ecampus class last year, my plan for the hybrid is to adapt my recorded lectures for the hybrid class, making them shorter in overall time by eliminating working through exercises. I’ll then put the class into teams for classtime, working out problems with or without my help, and using clickers towards the end of class to test what they have learned, and so that I can see what I need to cover in more depth.

We use the Pearson My Accounting Lab (MAL)in this class. Each week students have homework that has all of the help features opened to help them learn. Then each week students also have quizzes with no help to assess what they learned. MAL also has an adaptive study guide to help students on problems that are incorrect on homework or quizzes. While I won’t require this yet, I will encourage it as students who do use it have given positive feedback about it.

This is the short version. I’m sure that next year will be a learning and adapting experience!!





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