DHE 475 Global Sourcing Hybrid “Vision”

The course that I am developing as a hybrid course is DHE 475 Global Sourcing Textiles, Apparel and Footwear ( 4 credits) CGI Bac core course with an enrollment of about 60 senior level students.  The course covers trade theory and the effects of trade policy, cultural values, and economics on the global production, distribution, and consumption of textiles, apparel, and footwear. My preliminary ideas for the hybrid format are to use online lectures and “readings” for students to become familiar with the concepts and then use in class time for more debate and highlights.   The current textbook used in this course is excellent in providing and overview of the global trade with the textile and apparel industry.  I envision the course being structured such that students read the textbook and answer questions related to the reading. Discussion topic would relate to the readings and then be used for in class time. The class time would be used to review current issues which relate to the chapter’s topic.  For example: the Chapter “ Illegal and Unethical Trade Activity”, would include class time for students to debate whose responsibility and at what level a design is a patent infringement, counterfeit or knockoff, and who should be responsible for policing this within a company. As a Bac core course, critical thinking is essential.  Using class time for case studies and current events would be more beneficial than a lecture format of teaching trade policy and global sourcing.  I am a firm believer in encouraging students to teach each other.

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