Anth 481 in a Nutshell, let’s say “pecan”

Natural Resources and Community Values represents a Bacc Core course that meets the requirements for Science, Technology, and Society. For the first time, it will be offered as hybrid or blended learning course. Currently, the course enrollment is capped at 25 students. Expected student population be students from multiple disciplines. This course is designed to provide a historical view of global resource management from various environmental anthropologist.

Our class meetings will be held on Monday evenings from 4-5:20. During these times, there will be a variety of activities that will take place, including group discussions, hands-on projects, film showings and analysis, and presentations. The first meeting will provide the student’s with a map of the course, and instructions on how to navigate in the online portal for the course.

Online content will include short “lectures,” various interactive content areas, such as discussion boards, collaborative spaces, reading assignments and reflections, posting of non-written products, and instructions on conducting “fieldwork,” which will culminate into a final sustainability project presentation.

Assessment activities will take place online and during class meetings to be sure that students are processing the reading materials and incorporating what they have learned with what they are creating. Quizzes, short answer questions, in-class writings, online reflections and posted discussions will all be used as way to check that learning outcomes are being met and to gauge whether students are fully engaged with the content for the course.

In the end, the ideal is that this course be very rewarding for students by providing varied ways of learning, both in and outside of the formal classroom.

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