Week 3 work

Working on building Course Content with Assignments, Course Documents, Discussion Board-any tips are appreciated.

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  1. Lynn Greenough says:

    I recently attended a webinar that had some good tips for creating engaging discussion forums – and I bet you have already gone over these types of ideas. But I will share anyway :0) 1. Give very clear instructions on how students are expected to participate, including their responses to other students’ posts. 2. Create an opening thread in a new forum as an example that students can view and respond to for a few participation points (easy, early successes are good). 3. Structure open-ended questions in a way that allow students to bring in their own knowledge/experience. And/or challenge them to adopt a different point of view, writing “in the voice of” a position that may not be their own.

  2. Scott Peterson says:

    Our math 111 group was working over the summer to put the course together. We have three components to the course: An online requirement to watch videos, use applets, and complete a worksheet using the applets; In class activity sheets where students work together collaboratively; one lecture per week. As we were putting the material together the order of the activities became evident. The online work is designed to prepare students for both the in-class activities and the on-line homework. The lecture was for both looking back at the main ideas covered that week and to look ahead to the concepts that will be covered the next week. This just naturally came together and became obvious after we had been working a few weeks.
    For other courses the order may be very different but my suggestion would be to start to gather together the materials for the online part and the face-to-face part and you will see a natural path.

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