Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Hybrid

I am creating a hybrid course for Z341 – Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory. This course is in high demand on campus and the on campus version is waitlisted every year. In some ways it seems as though a laboratory course would not lend itself well to a hybrid model, but in fact, through the process of working out the details, it seems to lend itself very much to a hybrid model.

Much of the time in lab is used inefficiently because the students don’t adequately prepare for their in-lab work before they come to lab. With the hybrid model that I hope to use, I would have them do extensive preliminary work online to prepare them for the in-lab work. They will have online assignments using digital media and even do at home study using mail order anatomy models. I will post recorded instructional pre-laboratory online lectures to prepare the students for their in-lab experiences. They will then have a preliminary quiz prior to their in-lab experience to determine their readiness for their in-lab work. There will also be online discussion board activities and other interactive work to support community building in the course.

This course will be unique in a sense that instead of a weekly in-class meeting and online work, this course will have weekly online work and all of its in-class time will be condensed into a “boot camp” style weekend laboratory experience to utilize the laboratory space available and also support any individuals that may be traveling a distance for this course.

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2 Responses to Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Hybrid

  1. bourneam says:

    I does seem like the hybrid model will work well to make the lab time more productive. It is unfortunate students are not prepared when it is a traditional class. You could probably utilize the pre-quiz for the traditional class also to assist students in preparing before class. I like the idea of a “boot camp”. It is interesting how you are trying to best utilize lab space and accommodate students who are traveling.

  2. Scott Peterson says:

    I think the most difficult part of changing to a Hybrid or Interactive Engagement type course is to get the students to “buy in.” To take advantage of the IE classroom the students need to do some preparation like watch videos, read the text, do some homework. Changing students’ idea that they must be shown how to do something before they can be expected to do it is very difficult. But in time most will turn the corner and reap the benefits!

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