Introduction to Financial Accounting – Hybrid Version

I am creating a hybrid course for BA211 Financial Accounting.  This course is an entry level course for students interested in applying to the College of Business.  Many times it is the first business course an OSU student takes.  The students are usually very young and not interested in accounting.  Many of them to not realize the importance of accounting to the business environment.  Thus one of my goals each term is to encourage the students and demonstrate not only the course content but the importance of the course content to their business careers.  The class size can range from 60-120 but the section I am working on currently is 120+ students.

My intention is to utilize technology for learning objective taped lectures, weekly pre and post comprehension quizzes (based on the learning objectives for the week) and practice homework problems.  My intention is to use the face to face time to work problems, touch on topics the majority of the class missed on the pre-test and possibly working in a team teaching/peer assistance environment.  Thought this makes me nervous because it is different.

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2 Responses to Introduction to Financial Accounting – Hybrid Version

  1. duncanp says:

    Amy, this sounds like a great, but challenging, course! I like your idea of using the in-class time to work on problems and address topics that students are clearly struggling with. This helps give me ideas for using my in-class time as well.

  2. sakuraip says:

    120+ students?! I think you mentioned it before, but I don’t think it really registered. Has me thinking how much class size can impact course design (I know, kind of a “no duh” moment, but has me thinking how a larger class size like this would impact some of my design decisions, especially since our larger ES 101 might be a next logical candidate for hybrid redesign). Seems like a lot more work getting things set up for the online component–a lot more logistical and structural details to think about. You definitely have my admiration, and sympathy!

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