Collaborating to keep costs low for students

The HSRC’s Textbook Lending Program, a collaboration with some amazing partners  OSU Valley Library has been an important success. We wrote about our work for the Journal of Access Services.

Access services are human services: Collaborating to provide textbook access to students

Written by Kelly McElroy, Dan Moore, Lori Hilterbrand and Nicole Hindes

Despite the clear negative impact of high textbook costs on students, limits—including space, funding, and policies—prevent many academic libraries from fully supporting textbook collections. Partnering with other campus units on textbook lending requires creative thinking but can provide students access to other services in addition to the books they need for class. This article describes a partnership between an academic library and a student services unit to provide support for a noncustodial textbook lending program.

The full text of the article can be found at this link.

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