Join Us October 26-27, 2022


It is with great pleasure that the Global Hemp Innovations Center, Oregon State University, and the Hemp Feed Coalition are excited to announce the first ever Hemp Feed Workshop. This two-day workshop will be on October 26th and 27th, 2022 located at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. With a specific focus on bringing academics, regulators, and industry together, this workshop will strive to evaluate research, create healthy dialogue and collectively work together to bring nutritious and safe hemp products to the animal feed market.

The Need

The major limitation in the legalization of the use of hemp by-products as feed for animals appears to be a lack of data that FDA-CVM can use to move forward with the process. Although data has and is generated by researchers working with multiple species, there seems to be many uncertainties present from both the regulators and the industry on what further data is needed. This lack of clarity is a major limitation for researchers and the industry at large.

There is a critical need to bring together representatives from the hemp industry and regulatory agencies to meet with researchers to identify priorities and guidelines needed to aid with the legalization of hemp products as animal feed.

Event Details

With funds awarded from the USDA, USDA AFRI proposal #2022-05046, the Hemp Feed Workshop coordinators have intentionally designed the workshop to have a relatively small in person presences, with a hybrid online participation platform for members of the general public to engage in portions of the workshop. The hope is that this carefully structured event will foster more intimate and productive conversations with regulators, researchers, and industry to tackle the questions and outstanding hurdles in front of federal feed approval. Being as it is a USDA awarded conference; workshop coordinators will publish a white paper soon after the completion of the event making all the findings public knowledge.

General Agenda

Wednesday October 26th

AM Session – Introduction to the event, review of the need and objectives, and the current state of the industry. Key speakers from the Global Hemp Innovation Center, the Hemp Feed Coalition, the National Hemp Association, and the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance.

PM Session – Review of existing animal feed species broken down by hemp ingredients (pulp or spent biomass, hemp seed meal, hemp seed oil and other seed ingredients, and hemp flower and its derivatives). Key speakers from Oregon State University, Kansas State University, North Dakota State University, Colorado State University, and more.

Thursday October 27th

AM Session – State of the Union from multiple regulators, initial evaluation of existing applications and research, and points of interest or concern. Key speakers from FDA, CVM, AAFO, USDA and more.

PM Session – Breakout sessions divided up into research, industry, and regulators to facilitate open dialogue. Workshop coordinators will moderate the sessions to bring back takeaways to the broader group before the end of the workshop.

Workshop Coordinators

Dr. Massimo Bionaz, Oregon State University, Associate Professor in the Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences. Dr. Bionaz is leading research on the use of spent hemp biomass as a supplemental feed for livestock and poultry and is also a leader at the Global Hemp Innovation Center as a key participant with the Animal Health & Nutrition Research Consortium.

Morgan Tweet, Hemp Feed Coalition, Executive Director. Along with her executive role at HFC, Mrs. Tweet is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of IND HEMP, an oilseeds and fiber company in Fort Benton, Montana. With a background in Chemical Engineering and a lifetime career in agriculture and food manufacturing, Mrs. Tweet brings the needs of the industry and broader understanding of the ingredients. The Hemp Feed Coalition submitted the first AAFCO Feed Application with “Hemp Seed Meal for Laying Hens” and has been intimately engaged with regulators to gain federal approval.

Dr. Jeffrey Steiner, Global Hemp Innovation Center, Director. Dr. Steiner has broad leadership experience in the administration and conduct of research in academic and government agency settings and had been involved in hemp research policy development since the 2014 Farm Bill. With a long history of working with universities, federal agencies, and industry, Dr. Steiner helps coordinate efforts between all stakeholders to maximize effectiveness and success.

Supported By

USDA AFRI proposal #2022-05046