So what, exactly, is an interface?  In plain terms, where computers and people are concerned, an interface is where a person comes in contact with a screen to either enter or retrieve information.  WordPress has a couple of different interfaces.  There’s the Site View, which is the side of your blog that your readers will come in contact with.  There’s also the Dashboard View, which is the side of your blog that you, as a blog writer, work on.

The Site View

When you first go to, you will be greeted with a Site View of the system home page.  If you are not already logged into ONID, click on the Log in link in the navigation menu to log in to the ONID system.

The Dashboard View

After logging into ONID, click the Site Admin link.  You will be redirected to your Dashboard.  This interface looks quite a bit different from the Site View.  This area is where all of the administration and writing for your site is done.