Seeing the Light At the End of the Tunnel

We’ve reached the midpoint of our Capstone project. We have a game that, I believe, meets the minimum standards of our project. I, myself, have only a rudimentary prototype of a room with a basic layout and puzzles. Now is the time to think of perfecting the User experience.

My room prototype is basically a square.

Square room Prototype

I’m working on creating more of a flow by adding a tunnel entrance that guides the User to their first puzzle.

Tunnel Entrance
Beginning User View

I’m going to incorporate better lighting to highlight key areas of the room for the User to explore and include some audio files. It completely slipped my mind to include sounds in the game. It didn’t occur to me earlier that people who play games more than likely expect them to have sounds. The software that we use also allows us to program sweeping camera shots for the User. I’m going to use these to further clue in the User on where in the room to go for the next puzzle.

One of my puzzles is a bit on the simplistic side. I’m going to upgrade it and make it a little more challenging and hopefully more fun to solve.

I’m still riding this rollercoaster of a project. Half the time, I’m soaring through the top of the loop the loops and I can envision a finished product and feel that it’s entirely doable. The other half of the time, I’m hundreds of pounds heavier at the bottom of the loop and feeling overwhelmed that this project will never get done. It’s a blessing that we’re paired up in teams and I’m fortunate to be paired with great teammates who help shoulder the load and sometimes take up a majority of the load.

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