About Me (I guess)

I guess most blogs and whatnots have a section dedicated to information about the blogger or whatnotter, so here’s mine (of sorts).

I’m a father of 4 kids: 2 boys and 2 twin girls. My kids’ coparent and I live in Boston, Massachusetts. I’m a clinical laboratory scientist in a reproductive endocrinology laboratory. I have also worked the overnight shift in the blood bank at a major trauma center for several years. Very little phases me and I (and my kids) have found that trait to be essential in raising extremely vibrant and rambunctious kids aged 6 to 11. I’ve also become a very effective troubleshooter, as I worked the overnight shifts alone and had to be able to solve problems quickly and safely on my own in order to help patients live.

My first experience with computers was with a Commodore VIC20 that I received when I was in elementary school. I spent quite a lot of time peeking and poking through that thing, all the while lusting for an Amiga, or at least a 64. Alas, the Amiga was not to be as my parents had meager albeit hard-earned funds. It seemed that pursuing computing any further was going to be too much of a financial burden on my parents and I was still only in elementary/middle school and unable to earn the money for computing equipment myself. So, I gave it up for over a decade.

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