CS467 – Post #2

Greetings and salutations! I just wanted to take some time to post an update on what’s going on in my life in regards to my career and the Capstone project I’m involved in.

We’re in week 3 of the class! The time flies by relentlessly fast! It’s been as difficult as I thought it’d be juggling the raising of 4 kids as a single father and a full-time job on top of this class. I don’t seem to find the energy most of the time. I’ve been very fortunate to be in a group of top-notch teammates and involved in a project that I’m extremely interested in. That’s what gives me energy to delve through tutorial after tutorial in preparation for the project. There always seems to be another tutorial (or more) with each new task to be conquered.

We’re creating a 3D game using the same tools used by big name software companies. It’s been exciting and overwhelming and frustrating all at once. I’ve always considered myself a bit of a “part-time” gamer. The things that impressed me the most in the games that I’ve enjoyed in the past are the storyline, creative physics, and attention to detail that is often programmed into them. I’d rather be able to watch a game being played than to play the game myself. It’s much easier to appreciate the detailed elements of a game when one isn’t worried about losing a life or having to repeat a level. I hope to be able to emulate a smattering of the qualities of some of my favorite games into the game that I produce with my Capstone teammates. I hope this doesn’t prove to be too lofty a goal.

My schedule is filling out a lot more than I thought it would. Because of the heavy tutorial workload that this project requires, I’ll have to put my interview preparation on hold . I did a small bit of practice before the Capstone class started, with the hope that I’d be able to continue it while going through my Capstone class. It was nice to have some review of data structures. I’ll have to pick it up again in December, after this class is over.

I don’t want to make this too lengthy. I just wanted to blog a few things about the Capstone project I’m involved with and how things are going as far as job searching.

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