GEOG 240 – Human Dimensions of Climate Change

Examine theories regarding human institutions and behavior. Apply these theories to understand how human behavior and institutions can change to: (1) reduce vulnerability to climate change impacts through adaptation and (2) reduce greenhouse gas emissions through climate change mitigation and societal transformation at multiple scales. (Bacc Core Course)

GEOG 430/530 – Resilience-Based Natural Resource Management

Causes and consequences of conflict over natural resource management at local to global scales; principles for managing social-ecological systems for resilience. Field trip(s) may be required; transportation fee charged.

GEOG 450/550 – Land Use in the American West

Development of a conceptual framework for land use study; analysis of land as a resource, land use trends, land use principles, and management issues as related to planning, focusing on the American West, the fastest growing region in the nation.

GEOG 512 – Social Ecological Systems

Exploration of critical debates surrounding theories associated with social-ecological systems, resilience, vulnerability, adaptation, social learning, transformation, adaptive governance.

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