Current and Recent Funded Projects

Social Sustainability of Ranching and the U.S. Beef Industry (National Cattlemen’s Beef Association)

Ranchlands 2.0 – High Net Worth Property Ownership: Trajectories and Implications for Resource Management in Critical Conservation Landscapes (National Science Foundation)

Ranchlands 1.0 – Ranchland Ownership Dynamics in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (Hewlett Foundation, Turner Foundation) Radio Interview with Wyoming Public Radio

Supporting “Climate-Smart Ranching” in Northeast Oregon with a Community-Based Observing Network (USDA Northwest Regional Climate Hub, USDA Washington Office Climate Hub)

Increasing the Resilience of Ranching and Public Lands Grazing in the Blue Mountains, Oregon (USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station)

Socioeconomic Aspects of Beaver Management for Rangeland Restoration (US Department of Interior Climate Science Center, USDA Northwest Regional Climate Hub, USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station, Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative)

Forest Governance and Forest Landscape Change in the Pacific Northwest: Long Term Social-Ecological Research (National Science Foundation, Long Term Ecological Research Program)

Community-Based, Collaborative Conservation in Maasailand, Kenya (Center for Collaborative Conservation, Colorado State University)

Social-Ecological System Resilience, Climate Change and Adaptive Water Governance (National Science Foundation, National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center – SESYNC) Project Overview

Adapting Private Forest and Ranch Management to Mitigate Climate Change: Policies and Practices (USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station)

Enhancing the Capacity of Small and Medium Sized Ranch and Forestry Operations to Prosper from Payment for Ecosystem Services (USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture) Fact Sheet Series

Utilities and Corporations as Ecosystem Service Buyers: Innovative Opportunities for Small and Medium-Sized Farms and Rural Communities (USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture)

Successful Adaptation: Identifying Effective Process and Outcome Characteristics and Practice-Relevant Metrics (West Coast Sea Grant)

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