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5 talks in a lecture series at OSU. Only 4 are promoted on OSU’s YouTube page. Why?

4623949606In fall 2015, a student group, Allied Students for Another Politics (ASAP!), on campus organized a series of five panels called “Radical Visions Towards Another Politics”:

  • Revolutionary Unions and the Abolition of Wage Slavery
  • “We Won’t Pay!”: How Debtors’ Unions and Strikes Can Lead the Fight for Tuition-Free Education
  • Racism, Capitalism, and the Prison Industrial Complex
  • From Baltimore to Palestine: Israeli Apartheid and the New Jim Crow
  • The Burdens of of Climate Change and Economic Growth: Visions for Social and Environmental Transformation

With the support of the School of History, Philosophy and Religion, the panels were all taped and promoted on the OSU School of History, Philosophy and Religion YouTube page. Well, actually, all the panels were recorded, but only 4 of the talks made it onto the OSU YouTube page.  Can you guess which talk did not?  Thankfully, one of the student organizers was able to get a hold of the video of the From Baltimore to Palestine talk and make it available here.

I won’t comment on why this one particular talk was not made available, as I have only heard second-hand the reason.  But hopefully we can as a campus bring light to why, or have the fifth talk promoted with the same level of support of the other four talks.