Teaching and advising

Reunion of Glencora Borradaile and their PhD alum: clockwise from bottom right, Theresa Migler, Hung Le, Baigong Zheng

Reunion of Glencora Borradaile (top right) and their PhD alum: Theresa Migler, Hung Le, Baigong Zheng (clockwise from bottom right)

If you are currently an Oregon State University undergraduate or graduate student and would like to talk about digital security, especially as contextualized by history and the current political climate, stop by my office!  If my door is open, I’m (usually) happy to chat.  If there is a global pandemic on, try contacting me a different way.

If you are not currently registered as a student at Oregon State University, please see here for information on the application process.

Please check out our resource wiki-page for information on theoretical computer science courses taught by Glencora Borradaile, all course materials used in the e-campus version of the undergraduate algorithms course at Oregon State University, and other resources for Theoretical Computer Science.

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