Another algorithms person at Oregon State? It could be *you*!

Oregon State University is hiring!  In computer science! 4 positions! In algorithms!Climb to Alsea Falls

Okay, sure, they are probably not going to hire 4 algorithms people, but algorithms is in the list of targetted areas:

We seek strong candidates with a commitment to quality teaching and with research strengths in the areas of programming languages, algorithms with a focus on optimization or probabilistic reasoning, systems-focused HCI, databases with a focus on very large data systems (excluding data mining), and computer security and privacy.

Given the wealth of positions, it may be a good match for those with a two-body problem.  Or 4-body problem!  The electrical engineering side of our School of EECS is also hiring for several spots.  And other departments at OSU are hiring too!  Enrolment is up and faculty positions are following.  But, why OSU, you ask?  Well, it’s a super friendly department that really values collaborative work:

Applicants should demonstrate a strong commitment to collaboration with other research groups in the School of EECS, with other departments at Oregon State, and with other universities.

Our machine learning/artificial intelligence group is particularly strong.  Our teaching load is low and the research rate is high.  But, perhaps my favorite reason for being at Oregon State is being in Corvallis and being in Oregon.  If you like trees, beer, wine, fresh fruit, vegetable, meat, friendly people, a mild climate, climbing, biking, hiking, skiing, and a minimum chance of natural disaster, and you want all of that stuff in your back yard, then Corvallis, OR is the place for you.  Did I mention it is beautiful?

See the ad for more details.  Spread the news!

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