New podcast episode with Brian Hill, Faculty Research Assistant with NWREC’s Nursery Program

Aerial view of Nursery program projects at NWREC including hemp, shade trees, and sunflower cover crop
Aerial view of Nursery program projects at NWREC

I interviewed Brian both about his work flying the UAS for plant health measurement and his work on the intelligent sprayer project, which is bringing precision agriculture to tree crops in the Willamette Valley. The segment on the intelligent sprayer begins about 40 minutes in.

Fly Your Farm Episode 3 – Brian Hill

Brian references a recent paper by another research group working on the intelligent sprayer. It’s available open access, so save the citation or read for free at the link below:

Nackley, Warneke, B., Fessler, L., Pscheidt, J. W., Lockwood, D., Wright, W. C., Sun, X., & Fulcher, A. (2021). Variable-rate Spray Technology Optimizes Pesticide Application by Adjusting for Seasonal Shifts in Deciduous Perennial Crops. HortTechnology (Alexandria, Va.), 31(4), 479–489.

You can email Brian through this form.

New podcast with Anne Iskra, Marion Ag Technical Services Manager

Irrigated field with varying crop cover
Irrigated field with varying crop cover and weed pressure

I was happy to interview Anne recently and to discuss her work using UAS- and satellite-based imagery to support crop management decisions. Anne’s ability to effectively use this technology on the diverse crops of the Willamette Valley is impressive and at the end she shares her hopes for the next five years of precision agriculture in the region.

We’re starting a podcast

graduate student flying drone
Graduate student flying a UAS for research

Because our ability to hold workshops has been limited by Coronavirus restrictions, we’re launching a podcast this Spring. We’re planning to start with a few episodes of instructional content to get everyone on the same page. Then we’ll interview agricultural researchers and growers who use UAS in the field.

We plan to keep episodes short and snappy. A podcast format makes it possible to learn while you travel between fields or drive a tractor. We’ll post supplemental graphics and information here for the things that aren’t so easy to learn by audio.

Is there a topic you would like to hear covered? Contact us to let us know.

Fly Your Farm

UAS landing in field
UAS landing in field

We use a small UAS (unmanned aerial system, aka “drone”) with specialized cameras to study plant health. We’re located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

We look forward to sharing our research with you.