Holiday Conversation Topics

Or…what to talk about during the holidays other than COVID!

For the past two years, we’ve heard the same conversations everywhere we go.

We’ve had those conversations with our friends and family.

“Covid” “variant” “vaccine” “mask” are the snippets we hear in the coffee shop, grocery store, or even floating the river (true story!).

For lots of us, this has been a divisive subject in our families.

So, no matter how you are celebrating the holidays; in person with your friends or family, a remote gathering or Covid testing or vaccinated, we could all use some new conversation material.

Lucky for you, I specialize in niche nerdy topics.

Let’s start with the fact that this animal exists: tasseled wobbegong. I know it sounds fictional or cryptid, but I swear this is a real thing. The only one of its genus, this thing is loosely classified as a shark…but honestly, it’s more like a cross between a rug and a manta ray. Kind of like if it was the carpet instead of the bike that always chased Calvin and Hobbes around. Give it a Google and make sure to look at pictures. Study up so you are an expert for the inevitable slew of questions!

If you want a more serious topic (maybe weird marine life just isn’t your thing), remember that good things happen every day.

British Columbia is taking unprecedented steps to protect biodiversity, by electing to protect 10,000 square miles of old-growth forest! While logging will continue in regions outside the proposed protected area, B.C aims to alter logging practices to mimic natural forest processes. The plan is currently just pending First Nations approval.

Look up some other good news before heading to your gathering to set the tone!

If all else fails and you’ve resorted to assembling that snowscape puzzle in silence, ask everyone for their best blobfish impressions…you won’t regret it!

Happy holidays, and I wish you good conversation!