5 Useful Tips When Utilizing Personas For Email Marketing

Buyer personas or (customer personas) are semi-fictional customers that represents the key traits of different large groups in your target audience. These buyer personas will give you a better idea of what your customers are thinking, and can offer greater insight into what problems they may have that you might have the solution to. Buyer personas can provide enormous value and insight to an organization when designed and utilized properly. In this blog we will talk about five key tips when using buyer personas for email marketing campaigns.
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1.) Understand and Confirm Your Email Marketing Strategy
When utilizing your buyers personas, they can help you understand very useful information for your email marketing strategy. You need to decide what goal you want to achieve from your email campaign. This could consist of building trust and brand awareness, increasing conversions, increasing customer value, or getting referrals. All of these can be great goals for a business, but you need to understand exactly what you’re looking for from people that you email. Once you have decided on your goal for your email marketing campaign, next you will want to decide on what type of content you will be sending out in your emails. This content could include discussions, events, guides, info graphics, and many more.
2.) Organize Your Email List Into Groups
You want to use your buyer personas to your advantage when looking into your email list. When organizing your email list into different groups you should look at things such as demographic data, including the person’s gender, age, location, salary, and other things. You can also look into things like the date they signed up, their behavioral data, and your clients email data. These are all important things that you should be looking into when segmenting your email list. You will want to utilize your buyers personas to try and customize your segmented email lists as much as possible. Segmentation of your email lists is something all marketers should look into. According to Mailchimp, segmented email campaigns performed “14.31% higher than non-segmented campaigns”.
3.) Improve Your Ad Copy
When writing your ad copy you want to utilize your buyer personas. Use these personas to find the problem that you are providing the solution to. You will want to give your readers an idea of how you’ll solve their problem. You’ll want to make your headline stand out. Try and use any type of emotional triggers that would work well for the persona that you are targeting. Make sure to focus on the benefits that you’re providing, don’t worry about the features. Using FOMO or the fear of being left out, can be extremely useful to create conversions.
4.) Utilize an Enticing Offer and Call to Action
In this section, you want to utilize what your persona’s value. Depending on what your persona values, you can construct an offer that would be most irresistible to them. This could include things like a free trial or a discount code. After you have decided on the offer that you will implement in your email, you can focus on the call to action. You’re clickable call to action should also be personalized for the specific persona you are targeting. You’ll want to think about how your target audience will want to be contacted, and shape your call to action for that. If you think of a younger customer that is tech-savvy they will probably want to be contacted via text. While on the other hand, someone of an older generation might want to be contacted via phone call or email. These call to action buttons could include things like “Call Now”, “Download”, “Schedule a Time”, and many more.
5.) Make Sure Your Landing Page is Relevant
The most effective way to utilize your personas when it comes to conversions and sales is to create optimized landing pages for each persona that you send the email campaign to. Utilize all of the information that you have gathered in the above sections to create the most relevant landing page for your audience. Try and personalize it as much as possible to the select persona. Even though this might be a hassle, it’ll pay off in the long run with your increased conversion rate, which should mean more sales!
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