What To Do When Your Webpage Doesn’t Rank

Web page ranking can be both a very beneficial thing to your business if you are ranked high or be a very painful thing to deal with if you are ranked low on a search engine. These five tips will help improve the ranking of your webpage and help bring more traffic to your website.
Publish Relative Content
This is the most important aspect to improving your ranking on a search engine. You want to provide content that is relevant and useful for your intended user of the site. This will help improve both authority and relevance for your website. You can do this By utilizing keyword phrases on each page of your website. Utilize this keyword phrase the route multiple paragraphs on the page. You can also bold or italicize these phrases to help them stand out.
Consistently Update Your Content
This also deals with the relevancy of your website, frequently updating your webpage’s content will keep your website most relevant among search engines and your ranking high. You can utilize blog posting on your website as a way to frequently add new content. Any reason you can give new customers to visit your site, will be extremely beneficial to your webpage ranking
Utilize Worthy Links
Try and strategically place these links throughout your content on your webpage. Avoid the “click here” links and try to utilize the name of the destination of the link within the text. Try and use names that are dense with keywords to successfully improve your webpage ranking. Keep in mind, utilizing a link from a well known authoritative site will be more helpful in improving your ranking rather than using a large number of links to unknown websites.
Identify Long-tail Keywords
It is much harder to compete for top keywords when you are a newer website. By identifying long-tail keywords, these will be easier gain and will help increase your ranking. You want to make sure you find keyword phrases that are as relevant as possible to your website, and that you can utilize throughout your text. Are using these longtail keywords on your webpage, this will help attract targeted customers that are looking for a specific thing that you are advertising. When you decide on a list of longtail keywords, make sure you check the competition for them, to confirm if they would be useful for you. A great place to do this is on Google’s Keyword Planner.
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5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions


1.) Attention Grabbing Headline

Create a powerful and eye-catching headline. You want to be able to Grab the attention of whoever opens the page. This headline should allow the reader to understand what this page is going to do for them. Try and capture the value of what you are providing in your headline. Keeping your headline short and to the point can be in your favor.

2.) Utilize Images & Videos 

Images and videos are extremely important on a landing page. Making sure that there are images/videos of the product or service that you are offering is a must. Images/videos connect to people on a much deeper level than text, especially when trying to convey value. Another big thing to remember is to keep the images/videos relevant to the message you are trying to deliver. Irrelevant images/videos will distract the reader’s attention from your overall goal.

3.) An Effective Call To Action

Create an unmissable call to action. This is a crucial piece of your landing page, this is the difference between a high or low number of conversions. If your reader is unable to find the CTA that you want them to take on your landing page, you have already lost half the battle. Make sure your CTA will stand out, by using color/size, from the rest of your content on the page, so there is no way the reader can miss it. This should be the first thing they see on your page without even having to read any of the text.

4.) Define The Problem And Your Solution

Your solution to a problem that you are solving must be included on your landing page. Make sure that you identify both the problem and how your product or service will be the solution to that issue. I should be seen throughout your whole landing page, everything should be tied in on how you create the solution to this problem and how that provides value to your readers.

5.) Keep It Consistent

Being consistent throughout your landing page will be key to keeping your readers attention. Do not allow for any inconsistencies throughout your text that could cause readers to question you credibility for what you are offering. When you begin to confuse the reader on inconsistent facts, it will lead them to close out of your page. Proof read through your page on multiple occasions and allow for others to look over it for you as well, prior to putting out the real copy. Keep your page comfortable for readers, don’t overwhelm them with unneeded content.



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