Alexandria Moseley knows how to dream big. It might be just who she is, or it might be because of something the internship manager at Welch Allyn told her: if she can achieve her five-year plan on her own, she isn’t thinking big enough.

Alexandria Moseley
Alexandria Moseley

“He taught me that the people around you can provide opportunities that will take you way further than you can go on your own,” she said.

Moseley has since graduated from Oregon State University with two engineering degrees and a long list of accomplishments. She participated in several internships and research projects, served as a College of Engineering Ambassador, and was active in outreach programs to alumni, industry, prospective students, and others.

She made the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ 30 Under 30 list and was named as one of the 15 most promising engineering students from the United States and around the world.

Moseley is pursuing a master’s degree in engineering management at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) near Copenhagen. Her original plan was to go straight into the manufacturing industry after graduating, but she became intrigued by research while volunteering for a graduate seminar as a sophomore. There, she learned about the many career opportunities afforded by graduate school.

“That just completely flipped my plan upside-down,” she said.

Technical University of Denmark
Technical University of Denmark

Now, the Newberg native who has never lived outside of Oregon is dreaming even bigger. Unlike a traditional master’s program in the states, students at DTU undergo three semesters of coursework followed by a five-month thesis project. Classes are typically four to eight hours long.

Moseley’s coursework is a blend of operations research and operations management. It combines the technical disciplines of mathematical modeling and optimization with business skills, such as supply chain management, scheduling, planning, and streamlining production systems.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the coursework, said Moseley, is the highly collaborative structure of each class.

“Almost every class has a group project, and a lot of times your entire grade is based on your group project and presentation,” she said. “Learning how to work in international groups is something that I’ve been exposed to in every class. It’s been really rewarding working with students from all over the European Union, Asia, and other countries.”

While rounding out her first year abroad, Moseley is looking ahead to her thesis project. She is doing independent research related to the food industry, an area of interest she developed during her senior design project with Oregon Freeze Dry. Her project involved analyzing the production process and identifing cycle times, scrap rates, and inefficiencies in the value stream.

“Since then, I’ve been pretty set on pursuing a career in the food industry,” she said. “I want to do my master’s thesis on supply chain management or operations management of food-related products. “I want to have the skill set to go into operations, perhaps as a manager, and be able to work in an international environment, lead a team, and set strategies and goals for the operations of the company.”

DTU_signBut many other doors are open to her. She could go on to get a Ph.D., or even start her own company one day. DTU has inspired her entrepreneurial side, since the country is heavily focused on attracting high-tech startups and other budding businesses.

No matter which direction she takes, Moseley continues to stay focused on the big picture and the broader impact of her work.

“The future of our economy depends on sustainable supply chains and sustainable business operations,” she said. “For me, it’s important to be able to come into a business and production processes with a problem-solving mindset and think critically for the health of the company and community you’re serving.”

— Abby P. Metzger

To learn more about study abroad opportunities at DTU as an undergraduate or graduate student, visit the College of Engineering HUB in Batcheller 144. For information on graduate degrees at DTU, including application deadlines and the admission process, visit the DTU website.

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