Meet Our New Addition to the Sustainability Office: Margaret Strong

Who: Margaret Strong, Administrative Program Specialist, Sustainability Office, just started in July 2015. What she does here: My focus will be on the energy usage on campus. I will be working with the new advanced meters, optimizing the energy reduction opportunities that additional usage data will provide. Favorite thing about her job: The tremendous potential to reduce campus […]

Recycling/Surplus Staff Spotlight: Ian King

This week’s Staff Spotlight features Ian King. Who: Ian King, a Student Worker for Surplus for the last 3 months. What he does here: I mainly work in receiving where I help manage what comes in from all around campus and decide whether it gets sold at the store, recycled, or trashed. I also cashier […]

Recycling/Surplus Staff Spotlight: Andrea Norris

This edition of our Recycling/Surplus Staff Spotlight features Andrea Norris. Who: Andrea Norris (“Dre”), Marketing & Development Coordinator for Recycling and Surplus for almost 7 years What she does here: I work on recycling and surplus events, electronic and print marketing, the Waste Watchers club, recycling pilot programs, program assessment, and long-term planning. One fave […]

Recycling/Surplus Staff Spotlight: Gabe Janzen

This week’s Staff Spotlight features Gabe Janzen. Who: Gabe Janzen, a Student IT Worker for Surplus for the last year and a half. What he does here: I refurbish the university’s old computers for resale. One fave thing about his job: Getting to play with a large variety of old and new technology. If he […]

OSU Joins DOE’s EV Workplace Charging Challenge

Oregon State University is proud to demonstrate its leadership in workplace sustainability by supporting the development of the national plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging infrastructure. OSU is pursuing this goal as part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge – a national partnership that aims to increase the number of employers offering workplace […]


Time for another Staff Spotlight! This week features Steve Schofield. Who: Steve Schofield, Surplus/Warehouse Coordinator for Surplus for the last 4 and a half years. What he does here: I coordinate the influx of surplus on campus and maintain the warehouse space. One fave thing about his job: The variety in the work I do as well as knowing […]

Recycling/Surplus Staff Spotlight: Jessica Collins

This post is the first of our blog series which will showcase staff from Campus Recycling and Surplus Property and will run regularly during the summer. Who: Jessica Collins, Student Program Assistant for Campus Recycling for the last 9 months. What she does here: Behind the scenes stuff mainly – assisting with coordination of programs, research, data […]

3-D Printing with Recycled Plastic

3-D printing technology has advanced so greatly that relatively inexpensive 3-D printers are now available and popping up all over the OSU Campus. The Valley Library recently made 3-D printing available to any student and also has a 24 hour web cam set-up for viewing of the articles being made ( One major drawback at the moment […]

Day of Caring Service Projects

Registration is now open for Day of Caring Service Projects on May 29th! Students, staff, and faculty are invited to participate in this day of service. Choose from 6 different projects with 6 community partners, which will take place from 2-4 PM or 2-4:30 PM. Check-in will be on campus at the MU Lounge with transportation […]

Recreational Sports and Sustainability

Oregon State University strives to include sustainability in every department, and Recreational Sports is no exception. This year Rec-Sports hired their first ever Student Sustainability Coordinator, who will help the department work as a steward for the sustainable movement on campus by utilizing technology, educating users and staff, and leading by example. The mission of Rec-Sports is to promote health and […]