Update from the Inside by Micco Emeson

Micco Emeson is the SSI Landscape Coordinator and part of the Growing Food Security initiative team. Here is a little peek at what’s been happening: It’s Spring, and lots of stuff is happening in the realm of sustainability. Some highlights from the sustainable landscaping side of things at the Student Sustainability Initiative include: Establishing a pollinator […]

Windward Returns! by Rachel Tholl

Rachel Tholl has been is part of the OSU Student Sustainability Initiative team! As the Administrative Coordinator, Rachel helps SSI’s work that advance student efforts to create a culture of sustainability at OSU.  The Student Sustainability Initiative welcomed back Emily Boyer, OSU graduate, on April 6th in the MU. Boyer and a team of Windward […]

Let’s watch our waste together!

Interested in volunteering on campus? Gaining leadership skills? Making an impact on sustainability? If any of these describe you, the Waste Watchers club may be the right fit for you! Drop by our weekly meetings Mondays from 6:30 – 8:00 PM in room 206 of the Student Experience Center (home to the SSI) to contribute ideas, plan events, meet like-minded individuals, […]

Recycling/Surplus Staff Spotlight: Bil Burton

This week’s Staff Spotlight features Bil Burton. Who: Bil Burton, User Support Analyst for Surplus for the last twenty years. [sigh] What he does here: I aid in the resales of surplus properties collected by our department, most of my time is spent on refurbishing and reinstall computer equipment. One fave thing about his job: I […]

Recycling/Surplus Staff Spotlight: Kyle Joseph

This week’s Staff Spotlight features Kyle Joseph. Who: Kyle Joseph, Student Worker for Recycling and Surplus for the last year and a half. What he does here: I service all department buildings and Residence halls, and any other OSU owned buildings, with their paper, cardboard, and plastic recycling. I also surplus furniture from rooms and offices […]

Recycling/Surplus Staff Spotlight: Shelley Willis

This week’s Staff Spotlight features Shelley Willis. Who: Shelley Willis, Property Specialist for Surplus Property since July. What she does here: When departments have items they no longer need, we process all the items and determine whether the item could be resold, repurposed, or recycled. One fave thing about her job: When some mysterious piece of […]

Recycling/Surplus Staff Spotlight: Reedcycler

This week’s Staff Spotlight features Reedcyler. Who: Kyle Reed, Student Outreach Assistant for Campus Recycling for the last two years. What he does here: I help plan and execute all of the recycling events on campus, and work closely with volunteers in the Waste Watchers club. I also spearhead the department compost program. One fave […]

Recycling/Surplus Staff Spotlight: Pete Lepre

This week’s Staff Spotlight features Pete Lepre. Who: Pete Lepre, Recycling Program Manager for Campus Recycling for the last 10 years. What he does here: I am in charge of operations and overall maintenance of the recycling program. This includes responding to recycling requests from the campus community, managing recycling collection routes, and supervising staff […]

Learn About Our Eco-Reps!

Have you ever wondered what the Eco-Representative position is all about? If so, then today is your lucky day!   Here’s a brand new video, starring the Eco-reps of the 2014-2015 school year explaining what they do and why they love being Eco-Reps. Applications for 2015-2016 Eco-Reps will open at the beginning of fall term. Eco-Rep […]