New Campus Recycling Guide

Due to significant changes in recycling markets, certain materials are no longer accepted in recycling bins around campus. Oregon State Campus Recycling has updated their acceptables list so that it corresponds with the requirements of OSU’s local recycling processor. Campus Recycling is gradually replacing outdated signage around campus and replacing it with corrected signage that […]

Reedcycler's Believe it or Not: Doors, Dirt, and Weapons Waste

Welcome back, readers; it’s time for the final installment of Reedcycler’s Believe it or Not. For this last week, we’ll be taking a look at an unlikely building material, as well as dipping into the massive world of recycled art. Palestinian architects build houses from the ground up History has a way of repeating itself, […]

Reedcycler's Believe it or Not: Revisiting Recycling Regulations

This week’s Believe it or Not will take a look back at some of the dirtier moments in recycling’s history, including the exploitation of recycling laws, and one of the most pivotal moments in sustainability lawmaking. The Love Canal: a recipe for disaster One of the largest environmental disasters began with a plot of land […]

Reedcycler's Believe it or Not: Instruments and Islands

Welcome back to Reedcycler’s Believe it or Not! For this week’s weird waste, we’ll be taking a look at an island made from plastic bottles, and the heartwarming story of an orchestra who rose from humble beginnings in a landfill. Orchestra plays instruments made entirely of trash The slum of Cateura, Paraguay sits upon a […]

Reedcycler's Believe it or Not: Growing Buildings

It’s time once again for some weird waste! In today’s installment, we’ll look at some experimental ways where buildings are grown instead of built, providing lower impact ways to create large structures. Functional fungus grows house in days Houses made from mushrooms seem like something straight out of a fairy tale. But the Museum of […]

Reedcycler's Believe it or Not: Light Topics

Solid waste is only one part of the equation, and it is important to keep yourself aware of the whole problem. That’s why this week, we’ll be delving into stories that relate to both waste and energy. Man secedes from United States to build wind turbine What lengths would you go to be sustainable? For […]

Reedcycler's Believe it or Not: Food for Thought

Food waste is one of the biggest  forms of waste out there. It’s been said that if food waste were a country, it would be the third largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, right behind China and the US. But everyone needs to eat, and world hunger is still an issue. Today, I’ll take you […]

Reedcycler's Believe it or Not: Sewage Surprises

It’s time for this week’s installment of Reedcycler’s Believe it or Not! Today, I’ve procured some stories that may make you rethink our sewage situation. Brooklyn turns food and waste into energy Jimmy Pynn has trillions of children, all of which are bacteria. Each needs three meals a day; luckily, the city of Brooklyn provides […]

Reedcycler's Believe it or Not: From Water Bottles to Boats and Bridges

The world is a weird place. And in the world of waste, people do odd things in order to lower the amount of trash in the world. Join me, Reedcycler, and for the next nine weeks I will show you a selection of strange sustainability and waste-related stories. Boat made of water bottles sails the […]