We are looking for early learning teachers interested in an exciting new professional development opportunity beginning this Spring!

Filming Interactions to Nurture Development (FIND)

  • 6 week program of weekly 10-15 minutes of video-recording regular activities with children and 30-45 minutes of online web-based education and video coaching
  • Positive, strength-based approach
  • Based on the concept of “Serve and Return” interactions between adults and children (Center of Developing Child at Harvard University)
  • Designed to reduce provider/teacher stress, increase sense of competence, and to reinforce and strengthen supportive interactions with children

If You Participate, You Will Receive:

  • Up to 5 hours Step 1 Oregon Registry Training hours
  • Education about Serve and Return
  • Support in strengthening current practices
  • Hardware and technology support

To Learn More or Sign Up, Please Contact the Roots of Resilience team at OSU-Cascades:

  • Emiko Goka-Dubose, Project Coordinator
  • 541-322-3121, emiko.goka-dubose@osucascades.edu

Please Note: This is part of the development process of the Roots of Resilience: Teachers Awakening Children’s Healing– an online professional development program for early childhood educators about the impacts of early childhood trauma. If you are interested in being part of the 20 week pilot program (starting Fall, 2016), including online modules and additional video coaching, please continue to check-in with our News and Updates!

We are excited to share development of  Roots of Resilience: Teachers Awakening Children’s Healing is in full swing. We are mid-way creating online modules and have received training in the Filming Interactions to Nurture Development (FIND). Thanks to Dr. Melanie Berry from the Stress Neurobiology and Prevention research lab at University of Oregon for coming to Bend for an intensive FIND coach training.

We have a lot of moving pieces so check back in to see what’s new!