Preview Link

The preview link option allows you to share an unpublished page with stakeholders and not require them to log into the site. While there are other options for creating a review process in Drupal, this is the easiest ad-hoc option.

Preview Link works with all types of content, however there is a catch. With our use of groups to organize our sites, any content assigned to a group can’t use this feature.

Groups has an additional layer of permission checks that can’t be bypassed with the link preview. You can temporarily remove content from a group to take advantage of this feature.

How to use Preview Link

After you’ve logged into the site, click on the Preview Link tab.

screenshot of Drupal interface with the "Preview Link" admin action highlighted.

It will take you to a page that provides a unique URL to preview the unpublished page.

Screenshot of Drupal admin interface that shows options to add other entities to your preview link and to save or reset the lifetime

Click Save to make it work.

If you want it to last longer than 1 week, you can return to this screen and click on Save and regenerate preview link. It will make the link expire 1 week after clicking save.

The Entities section is just telling you what page the link is associated with it. Don’t remove the entity added by default.

You can add other entities if there are links on that page that go to other unpublished content. Simply start typing the title of the content you want to add. Click Save after you have added all your additional entities.

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