BHS 323 Writing Exercise #9

List and describe as many changes in human behaviors as you can think of that contribute to decreased exposure to microbes.

  • Keeping the household, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office space (i.e., anywhere a person spends a lot of time) clean will decrease exposure to microbes. Not letting food or drinks sit for a long period of time and making sure food doesn’t reach the stage of rotting and growing cultures will help as well.
  • Maintaining good personal hygiene.
  • Washing hands before food prep, after bathroom use, after cleaning/dealing with trash etc., will also help decrease exposure to microbes, especially ones that could be harmful.
  • Washing produce before using it to cook.
  • Minimizing/eliminating/avoiding high risk activity such as smoking.
  • Have safe sex/know your partner’s STI/STD status.
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