BHS323 Writing Exercise #15

If I had the opportunity to select a project that would receive funding, I’d choose the project that looked at birth control. I’m interested to see how the use of exogenous hormones affects the gut microbiota as well as the vaginal and uterine microbiota.  I’m also curious how copper IUDs affect uterine microbiota. More and more women are relying on birth control methods to prevent pregnancy, alleviate menstrual symptoms or to help treat endometriosis.  Unfortunately many women also experience cruel side effects. It would be interesting to look at the microbiome before and after birth control use to see if microbes could be influencing side effects or even birth control failure. As more women are turning to birth control methods, I think this will be worthwhile to investigate. I’d hope results will help pharmaceutical companies and engineers to develop birth control methods that won’t alter the microbiota too drastically if that is the case. If there is no change or fluctuation while on birth control, then we’ll know that microbes are not a factor in side effects or failure.

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