BHS 323 Writing Exercise #6

Forming a personal philosophy on antibiotics can be easy coming from a person who never relied on them because their life depended on it or to improve the quality their life. With increasing antibiotic resistance, I’d argue that antibiotic use should be minimized. Life threatening situations would be an exception.

There haven’t been many instances that I required antibiotics. The first was when I got my wisdom teeth removed. My dentist prescribed very small amounts of penicillin to prevent infection. I believe I also got prescribed an antibiotic when I had a serious sinus infection. During these times I was a young child. My parents approved of the prescriptions and never questioned the physician which is reasonable.

I still believe that antibiotics can be used in a beneficial way without contributing to antibiotic resistance, we just have to find that medium. Now that I am an adult, I will definitely be more cautious when getting medication prescribed. I will ask questions during consultations about what the drug is supposed to do and if it is an antibiotic or not. Maybe there are other types of medication that could be used in lieu of antibiotics.

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