Ever had an hour to kill on campus and been looking for an interesting class to drop in on? Look no further. Introducing… Classy.

CS372 is meeting *right* now in Kelley Engineering Center.

Classy is a simple web app which shows you a random, currently-happening class every time you load the page. We built Classy to demonstrate the class search API that we’ve been building. All the data it needs—the list of class subjects, the current term, and most importantly all the class data—is fetched via API calls in convenient JSON format, avoiding the need to scrape any data from the catalog.

Almost all of the data in the web catalog is available, including the meeting times for the class and enrollment numbers—the only notable exception being the course description. Classy leverages some of this extra catalog data to filter out classes which are very small and non-lecture classes (it would be kind of rude to walk into a 10-person recitation, after all).

There are still a couple areas where Classy could use improvements; for example, it doesn’t understand that summer classes only run for a few weeks of the term, or that group midterms don’t happen every week.

The source code for Classy is up on Github, and as soon as the class search API is made public through the developer portal, you’ll be able play with it yourself.

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