Why should you spend your time reading another blog?  Well, if you’re reading this post you’re probably part of, or want to be part of, the OSU developer community. So are we. And we want to grow  our community. To that end, this blog is dedicated to providing useful information to developers on campus.

Developers at OSU come in all sizes and shapes: backend, frontend, Drupal, WordPress, framework and people wanting to learn. They’re working on a variety of languages, frameworks and tools. Given the variety of developers, we plan to provide fresh blog posts at least once a week and subjects will vary depending on the developer author.

These posts aren’t meant to exist in the ether – we hope they’ll spark conversations and help grow our skills while growing our community. In other words, comment and discuss (but keep it civil). And if there’s anything particular you’d like to know about or a post you’d like to write, let us know in the comments below.