Over the years I’ve compiled resources to help graduate students succeed. I’ve come across several more recent posts that provide new and different resources. I include them here as a list of resources to avoid searching for them every time. More recent posts appear first.

Amanda Agan compiled list of resources for writing, presenting, and reviewing: here.

The Twitter thread compiled by Mathew E. Hauer will help you learn the basics of open-access and reproducible research (full list here). Even if you are not ready to make the jump to R, the philosophy is the future of social science.

How to write paragraphs.   From the LSE Impact blog

Study, productivity, and self-care tips from Claire Kamp Dush:

How to tell the policy narrative, by my OSU colleague Michael Jones:

Identify scholars who have given this considerable thought. Chris Blattman (see professional Advice section) and Raul Pacheco-Vega come to mind. Raul’s posts the dissertation two pager will help most students focus on the essentials.

Last but not least, you should have a hobby or two. 

Some resources by Hugh Kearns and Maria Gardiner (via Megan McClelland) on the 7 Secrets of successful grad students. Kearns.Gardiner.2011.7Secrets, Kearns.Gardiner.2011.Advisor, Kearns.Gardiner.2011.Motivation.

I intend to update this page with other resources. Let me know if you have others I should add or if the links are broken.


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