Disability Access Services is rolling out new testing features for Fall 2014. We have simplified the Testing accommodation process for our students, and streamlined it for our faculty as well.

Students request alternative testing accommodations the same way they always have. After the students’ requests are approved, faculty will receive a Notification of Academic Accommodations email with a link to submit an Alternative Testing Agreement.

The Alternative Testing Agreement identifies all of the information that students, faculty and DAS need to know about administering testing accommodations – whether the faculty member or DAS will be proctoring the exam and providing the accommodations, where the exam will be taken, and what the exam instructions are. This agreement only needs to be filled out once per class – it will automatically be copied to any other students requesting testing accommodations in the class.

This Agreement replaces the Testing Contract, which students & faculty used to fill out together. This new process eliminates one step for students and simplifies it for the faculty, who no longer have to fill out individual contracts for each of their DAS students.

For additional details about the new process, and a full explanation of the student & faculty responsibilities and expectations, please visit our DAS Student Handbook chapter on Alternative Testing, or the DAS Faculty Guidelines.

Have any questions? Please feel free to contact Testing.Services@oregonstate.edu, or call the main DAS office at 541-737-4098.

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