If you haven’t opted into the new OSU Gmail account, now is the time. By the end of this calendar year, all ONID email addresses will be moved to Google Apps.

If you’ve set up your ONID email to forward, or have turned on the accessibility options that you prefer, you’ll have to adjust your settings on the new Google App as well. Our Assistive Technology Manager, Alex Axelsson, has put together a useful guide to accessibility in the new OSU Google Apps. For assistance in setting up your new account, please contact the Computer Help Desk (in person at the Valley Library, by phone at 541-737-3474, or via email at http://oregonstate.edu/is/tss/och/contact-get-help-osu-computer-helpdesk). You can also stop by the DAS office with questions about accessibility settings.


Guide to Google Apps Accessibility

The merger to Google Apps for students may affect accessibility. Here are some links from Google that covers the accessibility aspect for some of the Google Apps.



Google Mail for Oregon State University is not limited to the gmail web interface. A third party application can be used (e.g., Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail).

How to set up your IMAP client using a 3rd party application:



If you wish to use the web interface it is recommended to take a moment to review the keyboard shortcuts that are available for gmail.

Gmail and screen reader setup (web interface):


Learn more about the keyboard shortcuts available:



Google Calendar:

This calendar is somewhat accessible using the web interface, but it is most accessible by using a third party application for your Calendar needs (e.g., Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail).

If students do want to use the web based Calendar interface it is recommended to switch to “List mode” for best results.

How to set up your Calendar to sync with a 3rd party application: 

To sync your calendar with a third party application you will need to find the iCal address for your google calendar. To do this, follow these steps

1. Log in to your Google Calendar account.

2. Go to Settings – Select Settings in the drop down list.

3. Tab until you get to Calendars (next to General).

4. Navigate until you hear the calendar with your user name. Press Enter.

5. Tab until you hear iCal. Press enter. This will open up a new window. Tab until you hear the URL that represents your iCal address. Copy this address.

6. Start your 3rd party application (e.g., Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.)

7. In the application of your choice, find the option to import calendar. Select from internet or web address.

8. Paste the iCal address into the required field.

9. Your application should now sync with your Google Apps calendar.

Using the web interface and the calendar with a screen reader


List of keyboard shot cuts for Calendar using the web interface



Google Drive:

Google recommends users to use the Google screen reader (ChromeVox) in use with the Google Chrome web browser for best result in accessing Google Docs and Google sheets from an accessibility standpoint.

It is possible to use another screen reader with different web browsers but content may be limited.

How to use Google Docs (Word like) with you screen reader:


How to Use Google Sheets (Excel like) with your screen reader:


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